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The mission of education is to expose the potential for students to change their lives through learning and training. Particularly for students who wish to study abroad but are afraid of studying public schools will not be prepared as well as the international school students. In November, YOLA holds a workshop “PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION WHEN NOT BEING IN AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL “to answer many concerns from parents. Together with our speakers, experts in the field of education will share experiences and effective methods for parents to accompany and support their children in the process of studying abroad as well as their orientation. 

YOLA organizes the workshop with the desire to accompany parents and students on the journey to a complete education. YOLA want to be a part of it from the early stage of preparation for children to the sharing of experts from YOLA and representatives of foreign schools, as well as students with high achievements. In addition, the participants will receive many attractive gifts included vouchers for courses worth 3,000,000 VND. To receive a YOLA raincoat, invite your acquaintances to the workshop.  

Honor speakers included:

Ms. Ngo Thuy Ngoc Tu – Bachelor of Public Policy, Stanford University; Master of Business Administration, INSEAD Business School; Co-founder at YOLA.
Ms. Pham Ngoc Hien – Master, University of New South Wales, Australia. Junior program manager at YOLA
Ms. Le Ngoc Thao Nguyen: MSc, Aberystwyth University, UK; Teacher at YOLA
Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Dung – Director of CND Investment Joint Stock Company (specializing in financial consultancy, restructuring); Parents have two children studying in YOLA. Cu Quoc Trinh – many scholarships awarded from prestigious universities in the United States and Canada; Cu Quoc Trong Khiem, top 3 TOELF Junior 2016-2017 “
Ho Pham Linh Dan, student of Le Hong Phong High School, IELTS 8.0, students of IELTS Advance at YOLA
Cu Quoc Trong Khiem, 3 junior TOEFL Junior of 2016-2017

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