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What to do when you lose basic English?

After a while learning English, you gradually realize, you are losing basic knowledge. Your English knowledge is punctured, your English foundation is inadequate, unstable, shaky.
You try to learn from the beginning by learning all the basic grammar to advanced. Join the IELTS center, hoping to consolidate your foundation, but after a while you will see your basic English as it is, or only slightly improved.
You start frustrated, start thinking about giving up English, you learn that language for many years but still do not, you think English too hard, you start to get depressed. Do you ever wonder if you have learned English correctly? Having studied English for many years, do you really study? Is it really time for it?
Actually, if you study properly, you will learn and progress very quickly. The following article will help you find out where you are wrong, from which to find the appropriate way for you. Do not worry, English is not that hard.
Learn vocabulary
You want to reinforce your foundation, you decide to study again, you jump to learn grammar and grammar. Stop it! This is only effective for dealing with student tests. Learning grammar is not wrong, but if you keep looking at it, your baselessness is not improved much, even if it stays the same, or worse, and that also makes you frustrated.
The first thing you should do is learn vocabulary. At least, start bit by bit. Every day you learn 5 new vocabulary words. Use a memo pad, list items commonly used in the room and stick to them. This is the first step for you to realize that English is the language and you can use it everyday.
Learn pronunciation for standards
With 5 words a day, you need to pronounce them correctly. By learning the pronunciation, you are also learning and listening. Try to listen carefully and speak slowly, initially acceleration after getting used to. Once you have pronounced a certain word, you are also confident to say the word out.
Learning with practice
No matter what you study, or if you learn any language, if your “learning” does not go along with “practice” then you will progress very slowly. Learn what should apply the practice, practice what you have learned, then you will be easy to remember, receptive and progress much faster.
Once you have a little knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, you can go to the area on District 1, the western quarter to apply, practice them. As long as you are polite, ask for permission, the westerners will not be afraid or uncomfortable to help you practice the language.

Do not be afraid or afraid of wrong, because the wrong to know that can be improved, from which to progress. Being shy, afraid to speak, afraid of wrong, just make learning English worse. You come to talk, most people refuse, because people are busy, people do not want, so much, you do not lose anything right? Then what are you afraid of?
Create an English environment for yourself
Which language is easier to learn if you are around? English is the same. If you do not have the conditions in a foreign country, you can still create your own English environment.
Many studies have shown that film is one of the most effective ways to relax in a foreign language. And sure enough, you try this too. However, do not just shrink the movie, you expand the habit by watching the movie, the TV series famous abroad such as How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Bigbag Theory, and Other entertainment programs.
The reason you failed before is because you try to force yourself to watch movies and listen to the dialogue without understanding anything. Instead, choose a movie, your favorite program, watch it with English subtitles or bilingualism and see it as a way to reward yourself for the weekend. Once you are familiar with the language in the movie, you can turn off the subtitles to improve your listening skills.
As well as watching movies, listening to music also helps you improve your listening and vocabulary skills. Listen to your favorite songs in English.
Sticking around with you in English also makes you feel more familiar with English. You can also change the interface of your phone, email, facebook, computer, everything that you are using to the English interface. At first it may be a little uncomfortable, but you will get used to it.
You can join English language centers and IELTS centers to learn more as well as to improve your English. Find English language centers that are 100% English speaking, taught by teachers. Foreigners also learn English, which is fun, also English speaking.
When you talk to you in English, you watch movies, listen to music in English, you look, you study, you read English every day, around you are English, that means you have created your own English environment. Trust me, then your English will improve drastically.
To learn anything requires perseverance, if you are frustrated, impatient, you can hardly learn what. So, do not be too nervous, do not set too big goals, too hard to make yourself immediately, which led to the fast, to give up prematurely.
It takes time, slowly grows, little by little each day, placing each small target a little, just power, and slowly grow up. If you persevere, nothing is impossible.
Good luck!

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