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There’s more to Life than English

All parents want their children to succeed in life. English is an important part of this process of becoming more internationalized. However, in addition to one’s achievement beyond English, there are many factors which contribute to the success.

The fast and ongoing development of Information and Communication

Technologies bring significant changes to every sphere of human life, including education. the Internet contains an endless supply of knowledge and information that allows you to learn about almost any topic or question you may have. It is easier to reach any needed information with “Google”. Therefore, the inability to communicate using English is a limitation to the available information on the internet.

For developing and emerging economies, there is enormous demand and need for English in public education systems. A score of 6.0 in IELTS is required for work and 1800 in SAT for entering prestigious universities. But there’s more to Life than test scores.

Studying English, they reported, increased the ability to access information, work more efficiently, and cultivate friendships with people around the world, and allowed enhanced access to unbiased news about world events. English is not only a subject, it’s a global language which has become the most successful tools of communication and exchange.

Having sensed the need for English study, YOLA has built a strong academic curriculum. With the motto “Beyond Score”, YOLA aims to help students achieve the top grades but also to inspire and equip them with personal growth.

Inspiration is a gift

To be a true educator, the first priority is to inspire learners. Coercion undermines their natural desire to learn or to do anything.

Pham Vinh Binh (HCMC Ability School) said: “YOLA teachers showed me an interesting point in writing and dictating in English languages which I found so exciting”

YOLA often organizes discussions, analyzes social issues in a multi-dimensional way, lectures to inspire and help students promote their characteristic, collective skills and leadership skills. Social science knowledge is also included in the syllabus to help them expand their knowledge and develop their qualities.

At YOLA, students are required to communicate and present their opinions in English constantly. The secret to successful communication in an international environment is not just language skills, but it is also the “bravery” to say out loud what they truly think.

The faculties with outstanding achievement from prestigious universities in the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States, are the distinguishing features of YOLA. In addition to prerequisite qualifications and teaching experience, professionals need to have emotional intelligence, work ethics, leadership skills and passion to be the”captain”, the role model that students want to become. However, above all, “leaders” are same as you, they just have a clear perception of what they want and need. Mutual understanding is the new sympathy to help people open their mind and heart. Being sharing helps professionals to understand the issues and help students improve themselves.

Moreover, YOLA often organizes free academic competitions such as Yello Toefl Cup, Free IELTS Mock Test, SAT Challenge, HCMC Junior English Championship, etc which attract thousands of students. Yola Dream Tour programs at universities and Yola Send Off – a program honoring scholarship recipients from prestigious universities around the world also received high response and appreciation from the public.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu (left) and Mr. Pham Anh Khoa, CEO of YOLA (right) presented awards to YOLA students at YOLA Send-off 2015 “


“I always share with students interesting issues when I studied and worked abroad. In each case, I advise them to maintain a positive attitude and a keen spirit of learning. I hope students to understand that in this vast world there are many aspects to look at one situation. The ability to have a multi-understanding will boost their confidence and stability in the era of globalization, “- said Nguyen Lan Huong – Master of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand – Director of Course Coordination at YOLA.


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