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Raising the spirit of religious leaders and good tradition of the nation, every November 20, everyone wants to send their teachers gifts meaningful. With the final gratitude this year, Yola offers tuition fees to students when registering for courses in Yola from 10/11/2019 to 15/11/2019.
Accordingly, November – month to gratitude teachers, Yola offers tuition fees up to VND2,000,000 for all English language courses in YOLA to help students “unlock potential strengths” and confidently conquer English. More than anyone, YOLA understands that in order to achieve this mission, the teacher is an indispensable element. YOLA would like to send the deepest gratitude, best wishes to health, happiness and success to all the teachers – who used their knowledge and skills to accompany YOLA in the process of inspiration and teaches young people to unleash their potential and maximize their ability to pursue future direction.
Time: November 10, 1818 – November 15, 1818
2. Content of the program:
– The tuition fee is 2,000,000 VND for Dolphin, Junior Primary and English classes.
– The tuition fee of 1.500.000 VND is for Junior English and Adult English classes.
3. Conditions apply:
– New students, enrollment in the period from November 10, 2018 to November 15, 2018 for courses starting in November.
– At all YOLA centers nationwide
Yola Educational Institution, the only place that pioneered a personalized English language pathway for all ages with internationally-qualified teachers.
YOLA – A leading educational institution with more than 9 years of training of over 20,000 trainees nationwide and helping thousands of students successfully study at top universities in the world, to personalized English training programs on the basis of liberal education and modern thinking. Along with the pioneering model in online combining class, YOLA is always aiming to bring the best English learning experience for each student.

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