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Different names of 6 types of food between English – English and British – American

Perhaps you, who have been learning English, have studied through English centers or learned English for a long time, know that English is not 100% identical in the world.
Although English is the same, but in every country, each region is more or less English words or ways. As we all know, the type of English we are learning is general English, that is, English is usually spoken in the United Kingdom and the United States. This is also the common English learned, spoken all over the world.
However, between the UK and the United States there are also very different words, the same food, the same thing, but the British will call another and the Americans will call another. The following article will give us some examples of how to name different food names between English and British English.
Digestive biscuit and Graham Cracker.
Same as biscuits, but in the United Kingdom it is just biscuits, snack biscuits, called Digestive Biscuit, while in the United States it is Cracker, usually Graham crackers, also known as Graham Cracker.
British: If you visit families in the British, you will be invited to use their home made cookies and a cup of tea. This is a traditional British style, you can either eat biscuits, sip tea, or dip your tea.
American: Graham Cookies was created in 1829 by Minister Sylvester Graham. Graham’s biscuits are originally from Graham’s diet menu. Graham’s cookies are a great treat, not only for direct consumption but also for grinding, mixed with butter to make a tart.
All you have to do is grab a Graham biscuit, place it on top of a Hershey piece of chocolate, followed by a gum / marshmallow and finally get a piece of biscuit Graham again and clamped.
Pumpkin (courgette and zucchini)
The same pumpkins, but in England it is called Courgette but in America people called Zucchini.
British: The English word for ‘green’ refers to the green squash, which comes from Old French, but far from Latin. Maybe because the UK is located in Europe so “sharing” this word with French.
American: Zucchini comes from Zucchino in Italian, meaning a small pumpkin.
Coriander and cilantro
As you can see, the same coriander, but the British called Coriander, while the Americans called Cilantro. Since the English words of the English people tend to be solid, but are more noble, they call coriander Coriander. Americans, however, sometimes call coriander Coriander, though, preferring Cilantro to cilantro.
Pepper and bell pepper
This is the most misleading name in the world. Bell peppers have many different names throughout Europe. Yes, you look right, the British call peppers pepper. You are still learning “pepper” is peppermint, but it is only general meaning, actually “pepper” also means chilli anymore.
And Americans, what do they call bell peppers? The “bell pepper”, the bell next to the pepper because the bell pepper looks like a bell, simple.
Ice lolly and popsicle
Ice Lolly and Popsicle all mean ice cream. But the English they use the word Ice Lolly, lolly stands for lollipop, and lolly means tongue in old English. As for pop, pop is something sweet and can use tongue to taste. So the British used Ice Lolly to refer to ice cream.
Americans, they use Popsicle. Pop here is just something sweet, while the icle tail, derived from icicle, is just something made from ice, ice cubes. Everybody almost tried ice-cream. It is made from Popsicle, which is an ice cream stick.
Candy floss and cotton candy
If you go to England and want to buy a cotton candy, you should use Candy Floss, the British look uncomfortable and will look at you with contemptuous eyes if you use the word Cotton Candy, because they think that this word bold American, not very good.
Candy also means candy to the British, but they do not use this term to refer to all types of sweets or sweeties. And Floss? Floss is derived from French, which means silk, silk threads. The British word is very luxurious, noble must not.
Meanwhile, hearing from Floss that Americans are associated with only dentists, dentists. How can you enjoy a candy tree when images of dentists and dental diseases always show up in your head? So they do not call cotton Candy Floss, they use Cotton Candy. Why Cotton? Because cotton candy looks like cotton, so they call it Cotton, simple.
Language learning always contains interesting things that interest you. Whatever you learn in an English language center, learn over the Internet, learn your friends, and so on. Besides, learning a foreign language is also the discovery of a colorful new culture. Learn foreign languages to broaden your eyes and move on!

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