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Các chương trình giúp ích cho việc học tiếng anh trên Netflix
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10 Netflix programs help with learning English

You’ve probably heard of learning English through TV shows, and Netflix is one of the supposedly owned series that is useful for learning English. These programs are suitable for young learners of English language courses, as well as for self-study. You can even watch and eat popcorn for the most “self-study” hours.
House of Cards
This is a film series of American political color, with intimate and complex terms in the political field. Serie talks about an ambitious and dangerous politician who wants to overthrow politics to become president.
Orange is the New Black
The film tells the life of a woman in prison named Piper, where she was detained with only one small charge. The context in an environment is a prison, so the language in the film will be “overwhelmed” with slang words, even if you speak, you can learn to “expand”, but of course be careful when using. This is because the main thing to watch this series is to listen – understand the dialogue.
Stranger Things
As Stranger Things, this is a new kind of movie that combines horror and supernatural, the story is set in 1980, this is a movie for devotees of the science fiction genre.
The story is about a mystery between a group of friends in a small town in the United States, with the suspense and scary to breathe. This is a great way to get to know more words, especially slang, used in the 1980s in the United States.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
In comedy sitcoms, the film tells the story of everyday life in Kimmy Schmidt’s life when she lived in New York, after after her rescue from an apocalypse in the fictional town of Durnsville, Indiana.
The Crown
If Princess Diana, famous for her tender heart and present at the moment with the icon of a smart woman with subtle fashion, Queen Elizabeth II makes people curious. Her youth, the events that brought her to become a talented queen, loved by many.

Since then, Netflix has created a series of films depicting the life of Queen Elizabeth in her early teens, when she was recently married. Cast members are also invested with royal standards and English use with English intonation.
The Defenders
If you are a superhero fan, The Defenders is the Marvel Netflix version, with team members including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron First, the team spirit of battle. Instead of using individual strength alone.
If you like crime-detective genre, Ozark is a new series of Netflix that can meet your expectations. In the category of classic crime, the language in the film is relatively easy to understand, as a financial counselor takes his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, after being found stealing money.
13 Reasons Why
Netflix’s popular series are popular with young people on issues of adolescence, including suicidal and traumatic events. The story revolves around young people, so the language used is modern, containing many slang, phrases used by young people in common.
In addition, thanks to the young audience, the influence of the film is extended by the collection of quotes or used in the film. It helps to learn English more interesting and “meaningful”.
Dear White People
From the name of the film, we associate a problem that is a matter of color. So, this is a controversial series. This is a series of stories with major backgrounds at the university where most of the issues of race and social justice emerge. Not only does it bring you English, it can also rekindle the political and racial awareness you care about.
Master of None
The story of Aziz Ansari, living in New York, lives a life without purpose. The episodes cover a variety of humorous situations with the culinary theme and the language used is American, so you’ll hear specific words like “yass”, “bro”, etc.
With the series from Netflix above, you will be optimally learning English communication, especially suitable for those who are studying English programs in English language centers. This will be a good resource for listening comprehension, free and friendly for young people.

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