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1. Elizabeth has new
2. It is always important to drive really .
3. Skiing is fun, but it is very tiring on the .
4. Planes and helicopters are both types of .
5. Shevery tall when she was in school.
6. I really need some advice. What would you do if you me?
7. Don’t put your cup on the of the table – someone will knock if off.
8. I’m sorry I didn’t to disturb you.
9. I’m not looking forward Christmas this year.
10.tired Tully is when she gets home from work, she always makes time to read books to her kids before bedtime.
11. I’d better the floor a quick wipe before someone slips on it.
12. Due to her responsible nature and generous personality, Rose receives a lot of and respect from her friends.
13. This is the house we used to live in.
14. The room looks different the furniture gone.
15. People who are shy rarely conversation with others.
16. Tom and Sophia after the big fight they had last night. Today, they are happy together again.
17. Only by using it master the language.
18. Shops are open you be in need of something to drink.
19. The police arrived in the of time to catch the thief as he ran from the shop.
20. When I told her how much it cost, she nearly had a
21. some members’ objections, I think we must go ahead with the plan.
22. I didn’t listen survive the conversation
23. I may like outdoor sports but I draw the at swimming in a river in winter.
24. Farming is no bed of.

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